Elena: The Survivor Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 04-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

No one remembers the name of the General who occupied Crimea or the one who conquered Berlin. Nevertheless, everyone knows who Tolstoy was.

Intellectuals remain;roundabouts are on the minds of the people long before their bones are shamelessly exploited for power.

In Mexico, the generation that gave – along side with Vasconcelos -, luster to the 20th century is extinguishing.

There is no more Octavio Paz or Carlos Fuentes, “Monsis” or Jose Emilios. All that is left is Elena. She, like every woman, survives. Like every woman, she recounts in a space of her diary the loves and in another space, the heartbreaks.

Before granting Elena Poniatowska with the Cervantes Award, CONACULTA had already taken two initiatives: first, The Elena Poniatowska Foundation A.C. had support and a home; and second, giving her the “Bellas Artes Medal”. Then came the Spanish recognition.

Elena had to live the repetition of the Texcoco night in 1968. Only that the “Texcoco” she lived wasn’t the last Aztec rebellion against the Spanish devils, but the future of the Mexican people against a present who was scared and ended up murdering students and preventing the Olympics to happen in a trauma-free environment.

The killing in Tlateloco marked Mexico´s history. We are all its children.It is one of the few witnesses that remain of the suffering, pain and fear.

British writer Robert Graves once visited Mexico in 1968.He was invited to be part of the intellectual circle of the Olympics. After the massacre of Tlatelolco he arrived at the airport in Mexico City, escaped the hostesses of Diaz Ordaz and took refuge in Tepoztlán. There he shared – fungus above and fungus below – alongside with Mosiváis and Poniatowska the tragic plan of a country that always hopes to kill the weakest. In Morelos they saw Zapata´s white horse jog. 

Those who keep alive memories for their independence, ideas and beliefs, their experiences and their jumps and scepticism about the sexes, can celebrate life, Carlos, José Emilio, Octavio and other colleagues can only have that view from eternity.

Everything that speaks well about an institution, in this case CONACULTA conducted by Tovar, who makes a living tribute to Poniatowska, which is hard to believe in a culture that worships the great ones until they die.

This is done, as well, by Mexico and its State. Because in order to able to criticize, run or ruin it is necessary to recognize. Good for honouring in life a great Mexican: Elena Poniatowska.

Versión en español 


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