ABC case: five years in the dark Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 05-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

1,826 days have passed… every city surrounding the deserts are very warm during the morning and extremely cold during the night. In Hermosillo, Sonora its been nigh time for the past five years.

Every time the sun rises and the 49 children killed by our laziness, cowardice and corruption can not see the light of day, we are reminded that we are not just a country in crisis, but a profoundly sick society.

The case of the ABC day-care still exists, demands and shaming a few people in this country.  There are 49 incomplete families and 76 more that are still in the recovery ordeal from their many injuries (all of this without the promised support of the authorities).

The shamelessness and the insensitivity has no colour. It’s neither blue nor tricolored. It doesn’t belong only to a president’s term in office, but to those who forget that it is our duty to keep safe the lives of our children. 

Five years have passed and justice hasn’t been made. Because of corruption and inefficiency of the legal system all those responsible have been exonerated.

The number of deceased children in the ABC day-care count as much as the deceased during the Holocaust, because it’s all the same: the history of human failure.

I feel like a failure as a citizen because despite the fact that I haven’t stopped claiming for justice and each time I see a child´s smile I think about all those children who no longer smile, or as much as its written or said, I haven’t done anything practical to let them rest in peace. Does this happen to you as well?

I hope that them, with the innocence of the future they will never have, may rest in peace. Nevertheless, us, all Mexicans with our right to vote, all theoretical or actual reform beneficiaries, cannot.

These children aren’t alien or unknown to us, they are ourselves, out future murdered. This kids- thought their parents- believed in the Mexican State and its institutions, and we failed them!

And we continue to fail because until now their death was in vain: the victim´s parents ensure that the Mexican Judicial system is inefficient and it prevails with a bad interpretation of the law regarding this case.

I know the day will come in which this tormented memory will turn into action. Until then, how many more children in Mexico are at risk of dying because we are still such a frivolous society, corrupt, inefficient an immoral, with a government that is even more broken? Not any more!

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