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Those of us who knew Juan Carlos de Borbón, as Prince of Spain and heir to the dictator, first thing that surprised us was his cordial and emphatic invitation: “tutéame” (to talk to each other in first name basis).

Only crazy men did this. He is the son and grandson of kings (although his father never ruled in order for him to do so), for all we know all that “we are the same” speech, wasn’t real.

I remember what he pronounced, on November 26th 1975, during the first dinner given to friends, acquaintances and people who were just passing by (my case), in which dressed as a General Captain of the Armies – no one trembled when this uniform was worn by Juan Carlos-, he said: “We have arrived”.

The smartest of us, my teacher, the extinct Pio Cabanillas, Minister of Justice- and almost of everything- with Franco and with him, he said: “sorry Sir, the one who has arrived is you”.

This began the Spanish transition; on men under the age of 40 in plenitude of testosterone, illusion, patriotism and love. History will say who gave more and who gave less, if Suárez or the King, which together with the prematurely wise Felipe González made the ‘Spanish Miracle’.

The “miracle” has ended. It’s the same play, the same script and actors, which has two parts: happy ending until five years ago; happy ending since five years ago.

I don’t know what will happen with our institutions. I know that people are unhappier but more conscious and democratic. The future is in them.

From Don Juan Carlos we will remember that for the first time in 300 years, he Enlightenment triumphed in Spain and for the second time, the myth, the fantasy, the beast of each, survived for over 25 years. Besides, his Crown and his kingdom would have been impossible without the newspaper El País and its founders.

Now, after the King´s abdication the social media was plagued with comments.

There are those who supported him and his son Felipe and there are others who claim for the end of the Monarchy and the beginning of the Republic. Tough decision.

The truth is (and should be applauded) that 39 years ago when he took the throne, Spain smelled like the blood of their dead and lived in fear.

Today, four decades later, it is possible to stand up and say, being for or against; Spain is free.

In the aftermath, the ‘Spanish Miracle’ could be because its people wanted it and because he had two good conductors: King Juan Carlos and Adolfo Suarez. Today, to be a good leader is having the ability to listen to his people. As what was said when that was done: “speak people, speak”.

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Vertigo Reporte Indigo

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In politics no one is dead until he or she is buried.

And so, what will happen now that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador emerges as a real alternative, above a clear principle: the failure of all is his success.

We´ve come across the thorny issue of asking: who will pay for the party?

Let me explain myself: The PRD is fighting the budget disposal and worrying about how to collect their money next fortnightly pay, it has- either it knows it or not- ahead of it a huge moral problem, structural, economic, political and social, which is: how much of the budget will he assign to Morena.

Because that´s an offer that cant be refused. If they are the instruments of the circle of businessmen against Andrés Manuel, once again, the left will die with he right (I mean the left side of the budget).

If Lopez Obrador will be forcefully reduced to be the Ho Chi Minh of Mexican democracy- in the sense that digging tunnels and taking advantage of the American soldier´s weakness so throughout the Vietnamese make them less men-, so victory shall be bloodier.

Those who have declared “state secret” the projection – still an attempt -, of how will the Hose of Representatives be in 2015.

Because if one of the of the forecasts was fulfilled, it would turn out that PAN will be the second party. PRI will the majority (but it will be limited if governors don’t avoid it), Morena will be third and forth place will assigned to PRD. The fifth and the ashes of what is left will go to Nueva Alianza y all the other parties.

So do the math. Realize what means trying to apply and move forward with the structural reforms with 70 or 80 representatives belonging to Morena; and of course, against the wind.

Modern history is constituted by great debates, one of them starring Lenin against the Bolsheviks, whom were strong supporters of not engaging in political elections, however, the leader of the Russian Revolution did participate in the elections and with only five representatives he won.

What a dilemma for yellow democrats, don’t you think?

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Sub commander Galeano Reporte Índigo

Antonio Navalón 30-may-2014

When I had the opportunity to choose what life did not give me the chance to have by nature, I chose to belong here, in Mexico.

Us Mexicans have overcome everything that’s possible, the impossible and what no other country on Earth had achieved: we are no longer a surrealist country. We are the universe of surrealism.

Note that we have a Zapatista Army of National Liberation that begins shooting and ends attacking with poetic verses.

Note that its such a shame that the poor Indians twenty years later of promised freedom and such wonder, after so much pipe they don’t live any better than before.

Its true they are more dignified. We have them – by force- more present, pero their life is no better.

Eduardo Galeano, the man who opened Latin America´s veins, and globally showed us the history of Latin American countries, ensures that he will never write The Open Veins of Latin America again.

There are two things that call my attention regarding former Sub commander Marcos´s message. First, the end of a poem. Because Marcos (or Rafael Guillen or whom ever he is) was able to do what Charles Chaplin didn’t: livelonger in his character than out of it. Second, Marcos leaves so Sub Commander Galeano may surface just when the other Galeano the one who opened Latin America´s veins, says that the haemorrhages and things no longer go that way, things have changed and today Latin America is something else.

Upon Sub commander Marcos´s announcement that this weekend those would be his “last words in public before ceasing to exist”, he explained, “It was necessary for one of us to die so Galeano may live. And for that impertinent that is death be satisfied, instead of Galeano we put another name so he may live and death takes not a life, but only a name, some empty letters of any sense, without its own story, without a life. So we have decided that Marcos ceases to exist today”.

Since Eduardo Galeano reinvents himself Marcos reproduces himself in the Galeano that was but will no longer be. 

Where will he finish his days, right or wrong, and I wish to him good health conditions, to former commander Marcos?

Who will be the new voice of the dream that once made Mitterrand shiver?

What is left of that Mexico that had the illusion of transition, freedom and finish the corruption and also wore a hood?

Marcos isn’t important per se except that he personally achieved happiness.

Marcos is just a symbol of our time. The only symbol of those years that remains is Salinas.

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The return of Intelligence Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 29-05-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

Ever since Joseph Fouché invented the ministry for the police and created the secret service, modern States ride to the rhythm of their intelligence.

They are monsters that devour eventually who created them.

It has always caused me much impression to see those “knights with no kingdom” who are what happens to spies when they age. They retire but are used to being above the State, serving the State turns them into a public menace.

Mexico has become the CISEN (Centre of Investigation and National Security) and the military’s information service. Not everything comes from Reforma or goes through Reforma, or the offices of the various U.S. delegations in Mexico.

The last detention in Monterrey of those “ honest parents” except but horrible and absolute criminals, monsters of us against us which is what has become of our Mexican drug dealers, it all went through just like the detention of “El Chapo”: without firing one shot.

It is very important to say that now CISEN is not only useful to know whom you are dealing with or who am I dealing with, to enter our shameless way via whatsapp or record our loving sighs and our corruption. Nowadays, the intelligence service of the Mexican State is there to combat the bad guys (I suppose, since the device is there, then we will continue to know what you and I are thinking), at least they also use it for what its meant to be used for.

And after so many years of draught it’s important to see that it rains again. We must acknowledge – I don’t know if it depends on the Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Defence or who-, but definitely its good that our officers, whom we pay so they will defend us, do their job and this way the intelligence services serve to prevent and not to do that old prank between economists: “ an economist is someone who always explains thoroughly why everything is going wrong”.

Before, the intelligence services (precisely because they were not intelligent at all), served to wrongly accuse the murderer, to cover during the morning news edition those who were detained and to confuse deliveries such as ‘La Barbie’ with very great apprehensions.

And now, with no further ado, as if it was “El Chapo”, with his children and his wife, another drug dealer less; now from the Gulf Cartel. But what is most important to point out is the return of efficiency within our services. Honour to who honour deserves!

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Tanks for books Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 28-may-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

Since we are trying to know who we are in the present world; beyond the screams of Twitter or Facebook friends we are in search of an identity, it happens that it seems normal to people as if there were no borders, or power ratio.

For example, for eight years all Secretaries of State of the United States came on top of a tank. Security was the issue.

Now, after the change of government of President Enrique Peña Nieto, it seems that the Secretaries come along like Aladdin, not on a magic carpet but on top of books. Well, the Secretary of State of the United States talks to Mexico´s President about education.

Its been said that Mexicans have won a lot. This comes out as questionable when we think that the Nobel Peace Price (i don’t know why) Barack Obama has been the President of the United States who has deported more Mexicans;the equivalent to gypsies or members of other countries who were deported in Europe during World War II.

Having hopes and illusions and not being able to fulfil them is very common. Nevertheless, now that the drug dealers have disappeared, violence and the highly successful U.S. arms industry is taking orders from the bad guys as from the good guys on this side of the border and the consumption up above in the shape of pills and white dust that is produced in Mexico, o consider important to remember we have the same amount of policemen and DEA agents, we continuously have mixed interest and we still have, even though it doesn’t show on the Official Agenda (and that is what worries me), a bloody disgrace called Caro Quintero.

Does anyone know where Caro Quintero is? Why has the United States decided they no longer care? Will Caro Quintero face the same end as Bin Laden?

What is really going on between these two countries?

Because Obama belongs to the past, as do Calderon or even Peña Nieto, but with the new political reality, with that emerging figure that is the Foreign Secretary of State – without a doubt the best Secretary-, I wonder: what is our policy today towards the United States? Is it education?

If it is, great! We have finally reached the Xxi century and now what used to be vice, repression, pain and abuse, today is support for a fairer world, more solidary and well built. Amen.

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Power owes nothing Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 27-may-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

This way, it was the romans the first to know that in order for a man to obey-for real- he need to feel need to feel that its his place, he is praying to his God and his people conquered.

At the Grand Palais in Paris, you are able to see the great exhibition “Moi Auguste Empereur de Rome…” It’s about Caesar Augustus (know only as Augustus) the great Roman Emperor, the one that had to supersede the slaughterer Julius Cesar, win the Civil War after the assassination of his father (who adopted and inherited him) and pamper, tolerate and enjoy, the first woman of State- of the ones we know of- called Livia, mother of Tiberius.

We learnt from Augustus that the true great strategist, the one who changes the political tactics in the Roman Empire, was a general, Marco Vipsanio Agrippa. He was the first one who didn’t insist that the conquered worship the Roman Gods.

Here, in Mexico, governors are fundamentalists. I don’t know how many have read the story of how Emperor Augustus treated his governors, nevertheless, one thing is clear: as we get closer to the year 2015, governors – the proconsuls- are more relevant and the Emperor (just like it happened to Augustus), apparently is losing its importance.

Personally, if I was to occupy the Emperor´s palace, in the Mexican case Los Pinos, I would ask myself one question: Is it Peña Nieto’s victory, the victory of his governors?

Because it’s clear that Enrique Peña has have them all, investing since the beginning by most of those who govern today. But we all know that in politics, history has neither father nor mother, and just like power owes nothing, he who

feels responsible for his people must think first about his people and then about the Emperor

Well, that’s how things are for the governors and for the President. I wonder: 2015 will be the year for: Peña or them?

In that sense, the reforms were very good; they demanded us to be beautiful, noble and honourable

We sacrificed- for the first time- for the Mexican people, but now if the reforms aren’t well done and the benefit from them isn’t straight ahead, who do you think will make the campaign of his deputies? Who will give his power in favour or the general good?

Or are we in another country and I haven’t been told?

More wood Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 26-May-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

We have Madero. We’ll have…?

Why is it that political parties think that whatever they do, however they offend us, it’s all the same? Do they really think we are so dumb that we never find out?

PAN and PRD, along with PRI and the Government did something historic. But to do something means having to finish it and in this case, they left the ox on the edge of the hill and now, we need to pull it out!

What worries me is – now – politicians will no longer listen to what the Mexicans expect or want, incidentally each day they expect less, and are convinced the best thing that could be done with the political class is remove it.

In this nonsense in which the National policy has become, it turns out that the Economy is no longer everybody’s topic, but the fault of some. Governors are no longer in charge of governability or the mayors or the President, because it seems that at the end of the day, being against something makes better living than building something. 

It’s Madero, not Cordero. Personally it is all the same to me. I consider that Cordero is a pure blood politician; he serves on trying to achieve power. And Madero, on his part, serves more – as happens with PRD- to bureaucrats, who live off the budget, to those who manage each paydays check.

Politics are like life, its opportunity and explosion of feelings. Bureaucracy and budget are governing Pan and PRD.

I haven’t heard any proposal regarding Madero doing something on behalf of his party, but I don’t belong to that party and surely people who do have heard them.

What I really want to know is, be it Navarrete or Cardenas, be it Madero or Cordero, what are they planning to do with Mexico? Because at the end of the day, its not fair that now that we are so close to 2015,they might start seeing what is more convenient: leave it all half done and therefore – in 2015- we can do better or simply finish it now.

The country needs politicians getting wet, fat stained hands, politicians who make mistakes and do something. If not, it needs that its government, legally constituted, jumps, watches the movie “Lincoln” and buys some votes to finish what it started.

But what could happen, while they pick one or the other, Mexico is only resting for now – not in what we do, not how much we grow, not in the Economics number- but in “El Piojo Herrera” and Tri players, to know whether or not they can maintain the national arms high in the World Cup… by God, let it begin soon!

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