Chuayffet as well Reporte Indigo

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One of the great and eternal cores of power is the players themselves. In the case of Mexico, it must be quite thrilling to feel the presidential sash hugging

your chest and knowing that you can change the fate of the country.

Anyone who is in power, sometime dreams with the though of: “Why not me?” Emilio Chuayffet has a reputation of being very smart and not very easy to read. I believe that it is. He has gone – since the days of wild clashes with today’s imprisoned Elba Esther Gordillo until this second spring that he is living – through all the vital phases of politics of a man with a brain and a job.

Now, when you ask why, in one of the crucial points of the feasibility or infeasibility of Peña Nieto’s reforms, he was not available, despite being the secretary of education, everything starts to make sense.

First, Chuayffet intimately thinks: “Why not me?” he went from mental retirement to dreaming with the sash. Second, he knows or at least explains that the educational reform is a labor reform, and that this educational reform that he will do will really be the ship that transports Mexico into the future.

He says that he will defend this reform and will not be just the bonuses and salaries of teachers, but something more important: the ability to change, as it was dreamed by Vasconcelos , and to some extent succeeded in it, the country’s history.

An amazing team – Serrano Migallón, Enrique del Val – who could be the Soviet Supreme equivalent in the best days of Ulianovsk, Lenin and Trotsky, not because of the dictatorial terms, but because of the ambition to change the future by transforming the society.

Today, we have a Department of Education in the hands of someone who dreams with that the presidential sash stays in the Estado de México. And with a team that has understood that regardless that the reform is Peña Nieto’s, it is not theirs. It is a labor reform, no an educational one.

Meanwhile, the origin of all of them rests in limbo legitimacy. Not of some collaborator of Chuayfett, himself. What will happen to the PRI? Every political party has the right for reinvention. In this dream of conquering the presidency from the Department of Education, the PRI and all the other parties occupy a strange place.

The legitimate left, a thing that is also felt by a Cabinet colleague, the Secretary of Treasury. The right has reputation of being effective. The PRI is in the limbo of utility because it represents the majority, but everything happens so he can be the guest set on stone of the big historical change.

And Emilio Chuayffet, emulating Cuaron’s film, “Y tu mama también”, also wants the sash.

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