Merciless Abductors Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 09-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

Some reforms made to the “Any Kidnapping law” have kicked in. The measures issued are impressive.

In Mexico, the Constitution doesn’t allow the implementation of the Death Penalty, although the seriousness of the offense is quite clear, there are many cases that deserve the maximum penalty.

We are a traumatized town and at the same time, acquainted with the lack of security. Anyone can kill us, mug us or kidnap us and nevertheless, we still have an impressive rate of unpunished crimes.

We welcome a law intended to end the abductions.

There are two things that call my attention: first, what are we going to do with the judges and attorney generals? Second, there is a part in the body of this Law that states that if in the following three days of the kidnapping, the victim is returned without asking for any ransom, the penalty in jail will be from four to six years.

I agree that it´d be typified and I know that express kidnapping is a reality, but thinking as an abductor: what´s in it for me? Why would I return the person, not collect the ransom and besides get arrested?

I ask: will be pay for regret exactly the exactly we pay for intending to commit a crime?

No mercy to those, amongst other things, who provoke that many parents (like myself), be far apart from their families due to the fear of them being kidnapped.

I ask for rationality because the Law is already made but who will be in charge to fulfil it?

What are we going to do about the judges? It’s inevitable not to talk about the Marti case, which was an iconic crime, where one of the kidnappers had to be set free and re judge him because the Judge didn’t ask for the certified copy of his declaration.

Where is that Judge? What are we going to do about her? Where are the attorney generals and all the other responsible people? When will the judicial system give society some sense of satisfaction?

Well done for the State to recognize through changing laws and kidnapping Tsar Renato Sales, we are facing a general problem and for all. Regularly done, if this action isn’t accompanied by corrective measures that allow the law to be applied.

We cannot go from being a State, which had a pact with murderers and scoundrels in exchange for them to accuse others (under the “protective witnesses” chapter) to a State where the possibility of a reward doesn’t exist when facing regret, dissolution or simply a change in a felony so serious as to remove someone its liberty. 

Versión en español 



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