Give me back my vote! Reporte Índigo

Antonio Navalón 16-jun-2014logo_reporte_indigo

Every town wants the same thing: no more professional politicians that abuse, steal and insult us.

Therefore, those who voted for Dr. Mancera (in an unprecedented election in Mexico City, which made him won with over 60% of the votes) we tell the story that we, the people, are better than professional politicians.

I wish that were the case. But the truth is, that Dr. Mancera – continuously having a kind face- hasn’t been right once during 25% of his term in power.

If that wasn’t enough, the thing that happened with the Metro´s “Line 12” (the one Mancera has nothing to do with) which was the main electoral campaign for whose predecessor and former chief, Marcelo Ebrard could have reached Los Pinos (if he had had the courage to run against AMLO and against Peña Nieto), threats the tradition derailment and the left party, not the poor part or Morena´s, but the one that’s represented by Ebrard and Miguel Ángel Mancera, in some sense, during the 2015 voting.

Mancera accomplished an unprecedented vote. We could almost say he was the society´s candidate above all political parties. The reaction and the votes gathered by both the Tricolor party and Blue party, were merely testimonial.

For that, between the Zocalo´s occupation, the disagreements and problems, the fact that someone insults you or questions you during a speech and leave, plus the metro´s “Line 12”, may lead many Mexican citizens to do something unpublished: start telling all the politicians they haven’t fulfilled their duty so: give me back my vote!

Our rulers must know that its not only that people wont vote for them again, but they must explain us what they did with our suffrage and how many of their promises, which we voted for, were achieved.

Its bad news the way things are going for Dr. Mancera, but at the end of the day he made a government out of the remnants of PRD. Now, except for the good relationship he has with the President of the Republic (which I believe is a healthy one), honestly a few days before, not months until 2015, he has no candidacy, nor representation that may provide the formula to keep his promise to society with what he told them.

The mandate of Miguel Angel Mancera begins to enter very critical hours.

Its clear: either he does something, or the budget´s predatory tribes or the citizens will shout at him: give me back my vote!

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Perjuries Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 12-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

Every charge acquired ends up with an oath: “I protest observe and enforce the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico and the laws that emanate from it, (…) and if the Nation doesn’t want it that way, let them demand it to me”.

Given what we receive from ever-elected position in Mexico, you could say that we have the biggest generation of perjuries – legally speaking- of all time. We are a country where nothing happens if it’s falsely sworn.

Tell me, what has your delegation representative given you in change of your vote? Tell me, has he fulfilled what he committed to do? Tell me, in what has the Governor of Mexico City (feel your wallet) in return of your vote in case you gave it to him?

Tell me, when we talk about “my” representative, what does it mean? Let me explain it to you, it means that you work for him and thanks to you tax payments plus what’s stolen from you, he may rise his bonus pay at the end of the year and his monthly income so he may live as a rich person.

In Mexico we are used to the fact that its normal that no one meets what is promised that we even forget to complain about it.

We are witnessing many ways to insult our intelligence on behalf of the ones who supposedly rule us.

For example, at the same time when the Tri crotch is placed upon us they warn us (the nerve!) that they will be in Brazil, therefore there wont be any quorum to approve the reforms.

Why don’t we initiate a national campaign against perjury, I mean, against to those who lie to our face? We should ask that if they are believers, they should be excommunicated and the rest should start paying with some kind of social service, for example, cleaning Mexico´s city´s penitentiaries, all because they fool us when they promise, swear and afterwards no one demands them responsibilities, not only penal but moral as well.

One of the country´s greatest problems is that it’s still free to insult us.

Besides, led by this treason, of doing the opposite and breaking our oaths, we have reached bottom. The Vatican had to kick out a paedophile priest from San Luis Potosí, before that State´s bishop accedes to the demand the Attorney General’s Office will place for the abuse of one of our children

Mexicans have resigned to trust only the divine justice; we are used to the earthly justice, the one we pay for,  we can only hope for failure, corruption and injustice. 

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The politics of things Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 11-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

It was all foreseen. There was no mystery. The King of Spain could not continue with the Crown, dripping elephant blood and with the possibility that his daughter was sitting as a fraudulent vulgar – with reason or without- at the accused bench.

Absolutely everyone has a cycle and none of us is worth everything in everything.

In Mexico we are dangerously close to the false debates we enjoy so much.

It turns out that it’s a national problem being able to reconcile our expression of patriotism through the support and approval towards the Tri (Mexico’s football team) and the approval of the complementary reforms laws. Please!

What will happen is the Mexican football team lost? Why are we debating the interruption of history´s clock in order to miss a voting in Congress or at the Senate because we couldn’t possible miss watching Piojo´s kids out in the field. I wonder: performing what role?

They are always letting us down. I don’t talk only about the Tri in which we all trust: our politicians, our rulers, everyone.

Didn’t they say that if the rules of the Energetic Reform and Telecommunications weren’t approved the country wouldn’t be able to make “the big leap forward” that surely you and me wish for Mexico?

Didn’t they say that we cant no longer wait, that this is our chance?

Now in this marketing that puts the Sonora market as the World Trade Centre, not only because of the herbs that are sold there or the ones consumed in other places, but the level of transaction,in which we have turned the discussion of laws that will change our live, we always want to cash in at the expense of everyone. Conclusion: Mexico is and will continue waiting.

Someone will have to explain to the Government they no longer have to blackmail anyone. They must also tell the political parties of the opposition that so far they have been very lucky because between one thing or another (besides the World Cup), we still haven’t made the math on how many things they have failed us. But we aware, this too shall pass and people will ask them what are they doing.

For the time being what we cannot miss (even if we won the World Cup-I wish), is the history´s train because there might be no more opportunities and we might let it pass forever.

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I don’t care about polls Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 10-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

I guess I’m biased when talking about Mexico and Spain.

I have seen all visits from Mexican presidents to the Motherland that starred in 1978 with José López Portillo.

 I was (under professional responsibility) there the first time Vicente Fox went to Madrid as the alternation´s Chief of State.

I admit that I was surprised by the reception that the convulsed Spain has given to President Enrique Peña Nieto.

 The speech was clear. Everyone bought it. The CEO´s of the main banks that depend on Mexico and the money they earn there, just like the case of Bancomer, they were present to ask and support -without reserve- the new reforms made by Peña.

 After an hour and fifteen minutes of exhibition on behalf of the Mexican President (without even consulting a piece of paper) and the participation of the Finance Minister, Luis Videgaray, the same question was raised: now what?

The answer given during the cycle organized by newspaper El País “Mexico, Reform in order to grow” was quite clear: Mexico´s future relies on the complementary laws. The Government is at ease with the fact that these laws will agree with the constitutional spirit of the first reforms.

Not even a man screaming “Atenco!” (Referring to the violent episode and killings in San Salvador Atenco city between police and civilians) expecting to interrupt such a lucid act was able to overshadow Peña before the eyes of journalists, businessmen and intellectuals.

The Spanish Government had special interest in not delaying this visit until the end of July although it was more convenient for the Mexican presidential agenda.

Premeditation or fate- who knows- but, the first dinner offered by the abdicated King and the one who shall succeed him, Juan Carlos de Borbón y Felipe VI, was to honour of Peña Nieto.

Recap: just like it happens with so many leaders, the reception the President and his Government had in Spain was much better than the ones they have back home.

Besides, every one wants to know how to reform and how agreements are made allowing such structural changes that have imposed, like Videgaray recalled, a growth rate that never passed- taken out of the media in 30 years- the 2.7 o 3 which is what we´ll have by lack of structural reforms.

And what is most important, Peña Nieto´s Government gave a speech with such warmth; rhythm and closeness that got people confused with the president´s age (48 years old) with Mexico´s that has the age of youth, hope and illusion.

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Merciless Abductors Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 09-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

Some reforms made to the “Any Kidnapping law” have kicked in. The measures issued are impressive.

In Mexico, the Constitution doesn’t allow the implementation of the Death Penalty, although the seriousness of the offense is quite clear, there are many cases that deserve the maximum penalty.

We are a traumatized town and at the same time, acquainted with the lack of security. Anyone can kill us, mug us or kidnap us and nevertheless, we still have an impressive rate of unpunished crimes.

We welcome a law intended to end the abductions.

There are two things that call my attention: first, what are we going to do with the judges and attorney generals? Second, there is a part in the body of this Law that states that if in the following three days of the kidnapping, the victim is returned without asking for any ransom, the penalty in jail will be from four to six years.

I agree that it´d be typified and I know that express kidnapping is a reality, but thinking as an abductor: what´s in it for me? Why would I return the person, not collect the ransom and besides get arrested?

I ask: will be pay for regret exactly the exactly we pay for intending to commit a crime?

No mercy to those, amongst other things, who provoke that many parents (like myself), be far apart from their families due to the fear of them being kidnapped.

I ask for rationality because the Law is already made but who will be in charge to fulfil it?

What are we going to do about the judges? It’s inevitable not to talk about the Marti case, which was an iconic crime, where one of the kidnappers had to be set free and re judge him because the Judge didn’t ask for the certified copy of his declaration.

Where is that Judge? What are we going to do about her? Where are the attorney generals and all the other responsible people? When will the judicial system give society some sense of satisfaction?

Well done for the State to recognize through changing laws and kidnapping Tsar Renato Sales, we are facing a general problem and for all. Regularly done, if this action isn’t accompanied by corrective measures that allow the law to be applied.

We cannot go from being a State, which had a pact with murderers and scoundrels in exchange for them to accuse others (under the “protective witnesses” chapter) to a State where the possibility of a reward doesn’t exist when facing regret, dissolution or simply a change in a felony so serious as to remove someone its liberty. 

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ABC case: five years in the dark Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 05-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

1,826 days have passed… every city surrounding the deserts are very warm during the morning and extremely cold during the night. In Hermosillo, Sonora its been nigh time for the past five years.

Every time the sun rises and the 49 children killed by our laziness, cowardice and corruption can not see the light of day, we are reminded that we are not just a country in crisis, but a profoundly sick society.

The case of the ABC day-care still exists, demands and shaming a few people in this country.  There are 49 incomplete families and 76 more that are still in the recovery ordeal from their many injuries (all of this without the promised support of the authorities).

The shamelessness and the insensitivity has no colour. It’s neither blue nor tricolored. It doesn’t belong only to a president’s term in office, but to those who forget that it is our duty to keep safe the lives of our children. 

Five years have passed and justice hasn’t been made. Because of corruption and inefficiency of the legal system all those responsible have been exonerated.

The number of deceased children in the ABC day-care count as much as the deceased during the Holocaust, because it’s all the same: the history of human failure.

I feel like a failure as a citizen because despite the fact that I haven’t stopped claiming for justice and each time I see a child´s smile I think about all those children who no longer smile, or as much as its written or said, I haven’t done anything practical to let them rest in peace. Does this happen to you as well?

I hope that them, with the innocence of the future they will never have, may rest in peace. Nevertheless, us, all Mexicans with our right to vote, all theoretical or actual reform beneficiaries, cannot.

These children aren’t alien or unknown to us, they are ourselves, out future murdered. This kids- thought their parents- believed in the Mexican State and its institutions, and we failed them!

And we continue to fail because until now their death was in vain: the victim´s parents ensure that the Mexican Judicial system is inefficient and it prevails with a bad interpretation of the law regarding this case.

I know the day will come in which this tormented memory will turn into action. Until then, how many more children in Mexico are at risk of dying because we are still such a frivolous society, corrupt, inefficient an immoral, with a government that is even more broken? Not any more!

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Elena: The Survivor Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 04-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

No one remembers the name of the General who occupied Crimea or the one who conquered Berlin. Nevertheless, everyone knows who Tolstoy was.

Intellectuals remain;roundabouts are on the minds of the people long before their bones are shamelessly exploited for power.

In Mexico, the generation that gave – along side with Vasconcelos -, luster to the 20th century is extinguishing.

There is no more Octavio Paz or Carlos Fuentes, “Monsis” or Jose Emilios. All that is left is Elena. She, like every woman, survives. Like every woman, she recounts in a space of her diary the loves and in another space, the heartbreaks.

Before granting Elena Poniatowska with the Cervantes Award, CONACULTA had already taken two initiatives: first, The Elena Poniatowska Foundation A.C. had support and a home; and second, giving her the “Bellas Artes Medal”. Then came the Spanish recognition.

Elena had to live the repetition of the Texcoco night in 1968. Only that the “Texcoco” she lived wasn’t the last Aztec rebellion against the Spanish devils, but the future of the Mexican people against a present who was scared and ended up murdering students and preventing the Olympics to happen in a trauma-free environment.

The killing in Tlateloco marked Mexico´s history. We are all its children.It is one of the few witnesses that remain of the suffering, pain and fear.

British writer Robert Graves once visited Mexico in 1968.He was invited to be part of the intellectual circle of the Olympics. After the massacre of Tlatelolco he arrived at the airport in Mexico City, escaped the hostesses of Diaz Ordaz and took refuge in Tepoztlán. There he shared – fungus above and fungus below – alongside with Mosiváis and Poniatowska the tragic plan of a country that always hopes to kill the weakest. In Morelos they saw Zapata´s white horse jog. 

Those who keep alive memories for their independence, ideas and beliefs, their experiences and their jumps and scepticism about the sexes, can celebrate life, Carlos, José Emilio, Octavio and other colleagues can only have that view from eternity.

Everything that speaks well about an institution, in this case CONACULTA conducted by Tovar, who makes a living tribute to Poniatowska, which is hard to believe in a culture that worships the great ones until they die.

This is done, as well, by Mexico and its State. Because in order to able to criticize, run or ruin it is necessary to recognize. Good for honouring in life a great Mexican: Elena Poniatowska.

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