Give me back my vote! Reporte Índigo

Antonio Navalón 16-jun-2014logo_reporte_indigo

Every town wants the same thing: no more professional politicians that abuse, steal and insult us.

Therefore, those who voted for Dr. Mancera (in an unprecedented election in Mexico City, which made him won with over 60% of the votes) we tell the story that we, the people, are better than professional politicians.

I wish that were the case. But the truth is, that Dr. Mancera – continuously having a kind face- hasn’t been right once during 25% of his term in power.

If that wasn’t enough, the thing that happened with the Metro´s “Line 12” (the one Mancera has nothing to do with) which was the main electoral campaign for whose predecessor and former chief, Marcelo Ebrard could have reached Los Pinos (if he had had the courage to run against AMLO and against Peña Nieto), threats the tradition derailment and the left party, not the poor part or Morena´s, but the one that’s represented by Ebrard and Miguel Ángel Mancera, in some sense, during the 2015 voting.

Mancera accomplished an unprecedented vote. We could almost say he was the society´s candidate above all political parties. The reaction and the votes gathered by both the Tricolor party and Blue party, were merely testimonial.

For that, between the Zocalo´s occupation, the disagreements and problems, the fact that someone insults you or questions you during a speech and leave, plus the metro´s “Line 12”, may lead many Mexican citizens to do something unpublished: start telling all the politicians they haven’t fulfilled their duty so: give me back my vote!

Our rulers must know that its not only that people wont vote for them again, but they must explain us what they did with our suffrage and how many of their promises, which we voted for, were achieved.

Its bad news the way things are going for Dr. Mancera, but at the end of the day he made a government out of the remnants of PRD. Now, except for the good relationship he has with the President of the Republic (which I believe is a healthy one), honestly a few days before, not months until 2015, he has no candidacy, nor representation that may provide the formula to keep his promise to society with what he told them.

The mandate of Miguel Angel Mancera begins to enter very critical hours.

Its clear: either he does something, or the budget´s predatory tribes or the citizens will shout at him: give me back my vote!

 Versión en español 



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