Perjuries Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 12-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

Every charge acquired ends up with an oath: “I protest observe and enforce the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico and the laws that emanate from it, (…) and if the Nation doesn’t want it that way, let them demand it to me”.

Given what we receive from ever-elected position in Mexico, you could say that we have the biggest generation of perjuries – legally speaking- of all time. We are a country where nothing happens if it’s falsely sworn.

Tell me, what has your delegation representative given you in change of your vote? Tell me, has he fulfilled what he committed to do? Tell me, in what has the Governor of Mexico City (feel your wallet) in return of your vote in case you gave it to him?

Tell me, when we talk about “my” representative, what does it mean? Let me explain it to you, it means that you work for him and thanks to you tax payments plus what’s stolen from you, he may rise his bonus pay at the end of the year and his monthly income so he may live as a rich person.

In Mexico we are used to the fact that its normal that no one meets what is promised that we even forget to complain about it.

We are witnessing many ways to insult our intelligence on behalf of the ones who supposedly rule us.

For example, at the same time when the Tri crotch is placed upon us they warn us (the nerve!) that they will be in Brazil, therefore there wont be any quorum to approve the reforms.

Why don’t we initiate a national campaign against perjury, I mean, against to those who lie to our face? We should ask that if they are believers, they should be excommunicated and the rest should start paying with some kind of social service, for example, cleaning Mexico´s city´s penitentiaries, all because they fool us when they promise, swear and afterwards no one demands them responsibilities, not only penal but moral as well.

One of the country´s greatest problems is that it’s still free to insult us.

Besides, led by this treason, of doing the opposite and breaking our oaths, we have reached bottom. The Vatican had to kick out a paedophile priest from San Luis Potosí, before that State´s bishop accedes to the demand the Attorney General’s Office will place for the abuse of one of our children

Mexicans have resigned to trust only the divine justice; we are used to the earthly justice, the one we pay for,  we can only hope for failure, corruption and injustice. 

Versión en español 


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