The “Catch” of the reforms Reporte Indigo


Everywhere, in American universities, European and, of course, Mexican, they always ask me if there will be an energy reform. I always answer: probably yes, another thing is if it is going to be applied.

Mexico is the country with the best laws in the world and with the highest levels of non-compliance.

The reform is already approved, but who will act in accordance with it? The reform – as the propaganda says – will make a more effective Pemex, and a more just and richer country. Also, electricity, gas, and certainly gasoline will cost less. However, things are as it says in the song that best defines the Mexican spirit: “Say yes, but do not say when.”

What will happen at the 2015-midterm elections when the electricity and gas still cost the same and also, when citizens will have to pay more taxes because the reform lightens the tax burden to Pemex?

I think is necessary to explain, how much time will pass between the time of the approval of the reform and the time the Mexican people start enjoying this “refresh” of its national heritage?

Meanwhile, the right trying to find a way that, with the help of God and the multinationals, enables it to discover who it is; the left, ambushing and betting that it is approved, but without wanting to happen. And the PRI, the PRI is in absence.

The problem is not getting the votes to get the reforms. For example, the education one is already approved, did that end the CNTE? The work reform is approved, has that created more jobs? The miscellaneous is already approved – “The Benefactor Social Reform” – proposed by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, has that created more wealth?

Since the current administration started, I have argued that the deeper the political reforms that Pena Nieto wants to do, the more political force he needs.

We should not be deceived, as Bismarck said: “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that the politician thinks of the next election and the statesman of the next century.” The problem is simple: even though the reforms are approved, what does Mexico and their government have to do so they can get to be carried out?

Surely, they will be approved. The “catch” of the reforms is just in deciphering, who will be able to apply them?

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