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Antonio Navalón 11-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

It was all foreseen. There was no mystery. The King of Spain could not continue with the Crown, dripping elephant blood and with the possibility that his daughter was sitting as a fraudulent vulgar – with reason or without- at the accused bench.

Absolutely everyone has a cycle and none of us is worth everything in everything.

In Mexico we are dangerously close to the false debates we enjoy so much.

It turns out that it’s a national problem being able to reconcile our expression of patriotism through the support and approval towards the Tri (Mexico’s football team) and the approval of the complementary reforms laws. Please!

What will happen is the Mexican football team lost? Why are we debating the interruption of history´s clock in order to miss a voting in Congress or at the Senate because we couldn’t possible miss watching Piojo´s kids out in the field. I wonder: performing what role?

They are always letting us down. I don’t talk only about the Tri in which we all trust: our politicians, our rulers, everyone.

Didn’t they say that if the rules of the Energetic Reform and Telecommunications weren’t approved the country wouldn’t be able to make “the big leap forward” that surely you and me wish for Mexico?

Didn’t they say that we cant no longer wait, that this is our chance?

Now in this marketing that puts the Sonora market as the World Trade Centre, not only because of the herbs that are sold there or the ones consumed in other places, but the level of transaction,in which we have turned the discussion of laws that will change our live, we always want to cash in at the expense of everyone. Conclusion: Mexico is and will continue waiting.

Someone will have to explain to the Government they no longer have to blackmail anyone. They must also tell the political parties of the opposition that so far they have been very lucky because between one thing or another (besides the World Cup), we still haven’t made the math on how many things they have failed us. But we aware, this too shall pass and people will ask them what are they doing.

For the time being what we cannot miss (even if we won the World Cup-I wish), is the history´s train because there might be no more opportunities and we might let it pass forever.

Versión en español 


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