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Antonio Navalón 10-jun-2014 logo_reporte_indigo

I guess I’m biased when talking about Mexico and Spain.

I have seen all visits from Mexican presidents to the Motherland that starred in 1978 with José López Portillo.

 I was (under professional responsibility) there the first time Vicente Fox went to Madrid as the alternation´s Chief of State.

I admit that I was surprised by the reception that the convulsed Spain has given to President Enrique Peña Nieto.

 The speech was clear. Everyone bought it. The CEO´s of the main banks that depend on Mexico and the money they earn there, just like the case of Bancomer, they were present to ask and support -without reserve- the new reforms made by Peña.

 After an hour and fifteen minutes of exhibition on behalf of the Mexican President (without even consulting a piece of paper) and the participation of the Finance Minister, Luis Videgaray, the same question was raised: now what?

The answer given during the cycle organized by newspaper El País “Mexico, Reform in order to grow” was quite clear: Mexico´s future relies on the complementary laws. The Government is at ease with the fact that these laws will agree with the constitutional spirit of the first reforms.

Not even a man screaming “Atenco!” (Referring to the violent episode and killings in San Salvador Atenco city between police and civilians) expecting to interrupt such a lucid act was able to overshadow Peña before the eyes of journalists, businessmen and intellectuals.

The Spanish Government had special interest in not delaying this visit until the end of July although it was more convenient for the Mexican presidential agenda.

Premeditation or fate- who knows- but, the first dinner offered by the abdicated King and the one who shall succeed him, Juan Carlos de Borbón y Felipe VI, was to honour of Peña Nieto.

Recap: just like it happens with so many leaders, the reception the President and his Government had in Spain was much better than the ones they have back home.

Besides, every one wants to know how to reform and how agreements are made allowing such structural changes that have imposed, like Videgaray recalled, a growth rate that never passed- taken out of the media in 30 years- the 2.7 o 3 which is what we´ll have by lack of structural reforms.

And what is most important, Peña Nieto´s Government gave a speech with such warmth; rhythm and closeness that got people confused with the president´s age (48 years old) with Mexico´s that has the age of youth, hope and illusion.

Versión en español 


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